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  • A strategic and practical interpretation of automotive industry information providing a clear differentiator from competitors
  • Business Strategy and information – Data provision and market intelligence must be at the fore front of it! (Without it, is it a strategy or a guess?)
  • What has happened in recent years, the link to what is happening now, in the near future, and beyond
  • Validation of what is hitting the market month by month. (New model information, VTR, Reports)
  • Information way ahead of any other provider – Estimating systems are mostly always right as they are reporting 2-3 months (or more) after vehicle launch – we are at the launch
  • An early indication of the rate of the industry’s adoption of new technologies, providing the information required by all collision repair industry stakeholders to establish what investments are required for the future, and when. (Right now, no one else is doing that!)
  • Will provide a significant indication of the type of work pattern repairers might be facing both in the immediate future and in the years ahead
  • Training/Continual Professional Development – Video or reports for Technician/Engineer/Employee knowledge
  • Provides information to enable the user to note trends, track and action these rather than wait until it becomes headlines in the media.

Such as;

  • Electric Vehicles – They are coming but not necessarily in as quickly and in the quantities claimed; This advice will save most businesses that do not need to get into rapid charger provision circa £25,000.
  • Urban myths – Incorrect information – this advice will allow repairers and Insurers to cut through the rumour, and access more repairs = ££££

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