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Andrew Marsh

Founder member of Auto Industry Consulting Ltd, together with Ben Cardy, which publishes  This service provides technical information to the global collision repair industry.

Andrew gained a degree in Mechanical Engineering 1984, and worked in the automotive business as a designer, development engineer and programme manager. Companies include Aston Martin, Ford of Europe, GM Europe, Lotus, Renault, Saab and Volvo. The technologies covered include whole vehicle, cooling systems, engines, transmissions, vehicle emissions and more. The ability to consider whole vehicle implications makes this blend of skills unique – traditionally engineers specialise in a given area and rarely migrate to other areas. This is now used by Andrew to cover a wide range of issues including body engineering, and hence guidance for repair.

From 2004 Andrew joined the UK Insurance Industry funded research centre, MIRRC Thatcham, to provide them with sight of what vehicles and what technologies would arrive, and when. From 2007 he took over the collision repair information service provided by MIRRC Thatcham, increasing model coverage by 50% with 75% of the original department headcount. To a great extent this relied on knowing what was happening amongst the OEMs, tracking the technology into the market and strategizing the coverage accordingly.

During the latter part of 2010 Andrew was directed to put together the first UK Insurance Industry telematics core data protocol, which was then offered to all insurers for discussion. In 2011 an opportunity arose to start a new technical information service for the collision repair business, ‘’. Andrew seeks to draw information from not only the automotive industry but also from other types of engineering such as aerospace as well as other areas. Engineering is the art of the possible over the reality of the actual – most engineers want to deliver more than the allocated task, no matter how tough.



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