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Ford Transit 2012 front three quarter

New 2012 Ford Transit first images

By Andrew Marsh, 23.02.12
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Ford will unveil the all new Transit at the Geneva show on 7th March 2012. The main production will be in Turkey, with chassis cab production continuing in England and the big news – for North America production will come from Kansas City, Missouri. This represents the same pattern we have seen with Fiesta, Focus3, Fusion / Mondeo – globally engineered vehicles for a global market. For years Ford had a very successful range of light commercial vehicles on sale around the world – one engineered in North America and one engineered in Europe for the rest of the world. This is the first time the two products are brought together – a major attempt was made in 1997, but ultimately failed.

Ford Tourneo Custom Concept rear three quarter

Ford Tourneo Custom Concept is the preview of the 2012 all new Ford Transit. Available with front or rear wheel drive, the upper structure is owes nothing to previous generations of Transit, but the driveline will be evolved from the current Transit. The waist line is noteably higher than the current transit, reducing wight due to the smaller glass area. © Ford Motor Co Ltd

The reason? Scale of economy, and that Ford make a very good profit margin on commercial vehicles.

The first revel will be a high end mini bus, but take a look at the technology on offer – SYNC voice command connectivity package with emergency assist call, lane keeping / departure warning, driver alertness monitoring and a full compliment of front / side / curtain airbags. Technology carried over from the Transit facelift released at the end of 2011 includes StopStart, regenerative braking and rear view camera (with the image displayed in the rear view mirror).

Start of production in Turkey will be mid 2012, with deliveries later in 2012. We will be there in Geneva to check out the ‘concept’.

Ford Transit 2012 interior

The new 2012 Transit interior is all new - nothing is carried over from the previos model. The van version may well not have two tone plastics, and may also have some functions deleted from this 'concept'. Rest assured all features will be availalbe, even if some of them become options. © Ford Motor Co Ltd

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