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How are non-OEM parts ‘certified’ for use?

By Andrew Marsh, 01.12.15
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How are non OEM parts certified for use 01
There are a number of companies operating in the collision repair market who offer a ‘certification’ process which implies a quality check. Those companies include MIRRC Thatcham, TuV (Nord, Sud, Rheinland – three independent organisations), and Capa. The common approach by all of these companies is to offer an independent audit of the component in ...

2016 Ezi-Methods UK Pricing Announced

By Ben Cardy, 14.10.15
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EM Logo
When Auto Industry Consulting launched Ezi-Methods in 2013, we made it clear that just as soon as set-up, investment and R&D costs were dealt with we would return even greater value to our customers by reducing our prices. And today we are delighted to announce that for 2016, a single site, 12 month Ezi-Methods subscription ...

Emissions test melt down – what next for VWG?

By Andrew Marsh, 23.09.15
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Der neue Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Group (VWG) did the unthinkable and took a risk with a market that they dearly want to expand. However lying about vehicle emissions is a point of law. OEMs who have lied to USA authorities in the past have been told very quickly – in a matter of days – to: Stop selling all ...

Autonomous vehicles – the human story

By Andrew Marsh, 14.09.15
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Autonomus vision
The relatively recent mass market availability of vehicle accident avoidance technology has allowed people to consider the ultimate – a car which could be driven, or it can drive itself without any input from a driver. This relies on the ability of the vehicle to use services supplied externally, and so requires telematics to become ...

Press Release: Another Top Five Spot For Auto Industry Consulting’s Ezi Methods

By WPAdmin, 19.08.13
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Auto Industry Consulting is delighted to announce further growth to its Ezi-Methods Service. An additional five new Collision Repair Research Technicians have been employed as Auto Industry Consulting’s impressive 2013 growth continues. All of the new Collision Repair Research Technicians now employed by Auto Industry Consulting are already engaged in the UK collision repair industry. ...

Which is the biggest spend in collision repair? Parts/ Labour? Paint? How about down time…

By Andrew Marsh, 08.08.13
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There is a great analysis of parts cost, labour cost and paint cost for both cars and SUVs in North America, covering the period from 2005 to 2012 – it was published by Mitchell, a major estimating system provider in the USA. The quick view is: Overall costs – averaged at $2300 in 2005, rising ...

Production volumes in check but some vehicle manufacturer profits soar

By Jack Regan, 07.08.13
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Interesting views from Ferrari and Porsche as the mid-year financial performance is declared – both have strong sales, but are aware their markets are slowing. For volume manufacturers the slowing rate of market expansion pace in China along with an apparent cyclical downturn in the Russian market. Broadly the un-expectedly strong North American market, continuing ...

Construction and Use regulations – are they fit for purpose? No. What do repairers need? Direct relationship with type approval

By Jack Regan,
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The road vehicle ‘Construction & Use Regulation’ in the UK evolved from the days of horse drawn vehicles, and for many decades there was no other reference for assessing the condition of a vehicle. It is used today by MOT inspectors, the Highways Agency and the Police as a means of establishing if a vehicle ...

Auto Industry Consulting To Provide Cutting Edge Technical Information to IMI Membership

By WPAdmin, 02.07.13
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The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has announced enhancements to its membership benefits aimed at automotive technicians and trainers.  In a partnership with Auto Industry Consulting Ltd (, the IMI will publish quarterly technical updates exclusively for members who hold its Certified Automotive Engineer (CAE) and Advanced Automotive Engineer (AAE) awards.  Topics will include ...

Auto Industry Consulting Links Up With The National Association of Bodyshops

By Ben Cardy, 20.06.13
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The UK’s leading independent supplier of collision repair data to the global collision repair industry, Auto Industry Consulting (AIC), is pleased to reveal a ground breaking arrangement with the UK’s leading body repair association, The National Association of Bodyshops (NAB). The  relationship will see AIC supplying NAB Members with a range of  technical update information, ...
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